The Prelude to the Promise

Epcot - Main Entrance Area Music (Complete Loop Version 2) by drawingovalsinthesand

One of the most enjoyable experiences walking around EPCOT Center in the 1980s was the ambient music that played, virtually everywhere you went and from the moment you stepped off of the monorail. The music was dramatic and whimsical, determined and hopeful, electronic and symphonic. It had just enough of what you expect from the music heard in the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, but also launched Disney into a whole new era of soundtracking attractions.

The above is a complete loop of the EPCOT Center Main Entrance music. I highly suggest plugging in your headphones and finding a quiet place, and let your memory take you back to a more innocent time. Imagine this amazing new world in front of you and this limitless future ahead of you, and a young imagination ready to be filled with 21st century dreams.