A New Center of Attention

While Disney's Folly maintains an active presence on Twitter, it's been a very long time since there's been anything to read at this site.

On the occasion of EPCOT Center's 30th birthday, I plan on changing that with EPCOT 365°.

Starting October 1, 2012, I'll be providing daily content in honor of EPCOT's 30th, from the usual pictures, stories and observations to some new concepts I plan on introducing such as a long-pondered Podcast, and EPCOT 30 Questions.

The latter is part of an initiative that stems from my experiences interacting with the Disney fan community on Twitter. Great stories, trip reports, historic analysis, archival photos and armchair Imagineering happen on Twitter everyday, organically, as dialogue between distant friends. I want to tap into this community more at Disney's Folly. I'll start with interviewing some fellow EPCOT fans, and perhaps see if we can conjure up some sort of roundtable discussion down the road.

EPCOT has always been a primary passion of mine in regards to Disney and while it's not nearly the experience it used to be, its long history is worth spending some quality time with. So join me in this virtual journey. I'll be waiting for you, outside of Mission: SPACE, with a dozen eggs.