A Walk through Communicore

Here I'll be taking a look at some of the folks at Communicore. No, not the old Future World pavilion; the links to some of my favorite Disney blogs! I hope to do this on a semi-regular basis as I visit the many blogs in the vast Disney blogosphere.


I first caught wind of George Taylor as a guest on an old WDWRadio podcast, discussing Disney books, which happen to be a hobby of mine. George's site mostly covers Disney in print, but also covers other areas of interest. And Imaginerding's weekly Geek-End Update is a great gateway to other blogs of interest and a happy Saturday tradition for yours truly.

2719 Hyperion

George also contributes to 2719 Hyperion with partner in crime, Jeff Pepper, who I came to be a big fan of in the early years of WDWRadio. The site covers some great pieces of nostalgia and memorabilia from past Disney animation and theme parks, such as the recent entry on Disney's 1983 Annual Report.

Big Thunder & Western Railroad

The aforementioned Geek-End Updated turned me on to this great site, which chronicles the design and construction of a scale railroad inspired by railroads at Disney theme parks and Knott's Berry Farm. An inspired and exciting project, to say the least.

Main Street Gazette

I guess I should be giving Lou Mongello some thanks here as the Main Street Gazette is run by another guest of his WDWRadio show! Ryan Wilson's been a recent regular on Lou's Wayback Machine segments (including a great one to 1986 which recently aired). Ryan's gazette is really cool and retro in design, and covers a lot of the same topics (and with the same respectful perspective) that I'm trying to do here. (Ryan is joined by Tony Caggiano, he of the The W.E.D. Page and the ever-changing Facebook photos!) Check out the recent feature on the Silver Creek at the Wilderness Lodge Resort.


The Tikiman hosts an absolutely awesome resource to all things Polynesian (Resort), with news, trip reports, history and more. I really dig the format of the professional-looking website. Tikiman allows visitors like myself to take a trip back in time to the '80s, when I first visited Walt Disney World and began a run of three Polynesian stays.


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