Pixel Hollow: Paradise by the morning light

With all of the buzz lately about the impending launch of Disney's World of Color, the new hydrotechnic show opening at Disney's California Adventure this year (among the ongoing expansion at DCA), I thought it would be fun to take a look at a moment captured in the park's prior set up from this view, which can no longer be seen.

It was a fairly-early February morning which cast the sunlight through the haze and illuminated Paradise Pier just like a scene on a Jersey boardwalk on a muggy July day. It was an interesting view of one of DCA's biggest sights, mostly because you could take the picture across the water without any tourist intruders in your photo! Ironically, Paradise Pier didn't do much for me but I could still respect its majesty. And while I dig this photo that I took, I ultimately believe the new show is one of Disney's best show ideas in a long time and much needed in the otherwise lonely lagoon.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! The calming lilac colors really add to the mood of this shot, especially given that there are no tourists around. Nice work!

Pat said...

That photo makes me want to go check it out. Nice timing to catch it so austere and yet fanciful. I always yearn to go for another visit to the land of Disney, when I read your comments.