Documenting Disney's Renaissance

Disney has release the official trailer for Waking Sleeping Beauty, a documentary about the rise and fall of the Disney Animation Studios in the '80s and '90s, out of which came The Disney Renaissance and the animation boom that is still thriving in Hollywood today. The film is produced and directed by Don Hahn, the successful producer of such classics as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. A number of famous faces who cut their teeth in the Studios in the '80s pop up in the trailer below, including Tim Burton, John Lasseter, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Hahn has seen a sort of second life at Disney as a historian of this period (as well as animation in general) so I anticipate this to be a quality documentary. Waking Sleeping Beauty, which has already shown to film festivals, will open wide in the Spring.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very interesting documentary to watch. I love Disney films and to think the company almost went under seems unbelievable to me. I mean their creative vision and animation is number one in my book.

Pat said...

What a great come back story. I look forward to viewing the full video. You are so thorough and the site is very professional and entertaining. Walt would have been proud.