The Tragedy of Captain EO

As news broke of Michael Jackson’s shocking, untimely death, most fans reminisced about his music or his pioneering music videos. However, Disney fans will remember Jackson as the star of the controversial 3-D movie Captain EO. The movie was produced by George Lucas and directed by Francis Ford Coppola with Anjelia Huston playing the evil queen. The 17-minute film cost an astronomical $30 million.

Captain EO opened up at the Imagination pavilion in EPCOT Center in 1986, and a few days later in Disneyland. The movie replaced the vastly popular Magic Journeys movie, which to this day is considered a favorite among Disney purists. However, it was a popular attraction, due in large part to Jackson's visibility during the '80s. EO would eventually be replaced itself by Honey, I Shrunk the Audience in 1994 (EPCOT) and 1997 (Disneyland), allegedly in response to the many scandals surrounding Jackson, as well as the lack of repeat appeal of the movie and the artist's dwindling relevance in current pop culture.

Despite Jackson’s popularity, the movie has never made its way onto DVD, but (as seen below) can be found online. The website www.CaptainEo.com has plenty of information on the attraction as well as petitions for its release on DVD and in IMAX. Yesterland has a history of the attraction along with photographs.