Pixel Hollow: A long time ago...

In 1991, my family and I visited Disney-MGM Studios for the first time and you couldn’t get me to Star Tours any faster. This was right before the Internet boom so photographs or video were not easily accessible. It truly was a surprise when we got to the pavilion. To a major Star Wars fan, you could not describe the awe of turning that corner to see an AT-AT walker aiming down at you as it seeming strode past an Ewok village. For years, we attempted to recreate these movies in our backyards, on jungle-gyms and on snow piles. Now I was standing under a full scale Imperial walker. 

The ride was a revelation but a story left for another time. It had been eight years since the last Star Wars film and as a teenager about to enter his high school Senior year, I was caught up in sports, the proverbial “hanging out,” and the elusive quest for a girl’s kiss. For a moment though, I was okay with epitomizing the very uncoolness that would prevent me from fulfilling that elusive quest. 

Since this first visit in 1991, I have always had the same feeling when I return to the Studios and round that corner in Echo Lake, heading towards Star Tours. And every time I arrive, I take the same photograph!

Pixel Hollow will feature real photographs from the past or present with a brief story behind the photograph. I’d like to keep this feature open to my readers. Feel free to submit a photo and story and I will try to work you into the next Pixel Hollow!