New Horizons

In the Summer of 2008, the waiting game of finding a new home had led to a lot of stalled activity, leaving me housebound many a weekend. In a flurry of long overdue creative activity, the muse visited me in the form of my respect and admiration for the 1980s. 

Eightiesology.com celebrated that oft-maligned decade without all the stale irony attached to it in recent years. I wrote about topics ranging from The Bangles' "Manic Monday" to Batmania to the Back to the Future films. However, I never saw as big a surge in my readership as when I posted about Walt Disney World, particularly Horizons. Subconsciously, right then, the foundations for this blog were poured into the fertile ground of land I wouldn't consciously discover for a few months. 

Part of the appeal of those Disney-related posts was that I was connecting to a fervid fanbase that shared my joy and is very welcoming to new voices. While I had plenty of Disney-related '80s nostalgia to post about, I decided that I also had so much to say about the company, its theme parks and many of its films...from any decade. Thus, the idea of this blog was born. 

I picked the name Disney's Folly as a nod to the lack of faith critics had in Walt Disney's first innovative concept: the full length animated feature, specifically Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The term was also revived by some to describe Walt's concept for Disneyland, especially after that park's woeful opening day. Needless to say, these were welcome follies. 

Many may immediately think this blog to have a highly critical aim of the Disney company due to the negative connotation of the name. But I use it as an homage and to empower the concept of risk. Without Snow White, we would not have seen the many beloved animated features that Disney has released since those seven dwarves and nine old men first went to work. Without Disneyland, we would not have the concept of the modern day amusement park, including the many innovative attractions that Disney would create for not only its flagship park, but its many other kingdoms, especially Walt Disney World (itself a revolution in the travel industry). 

To me, if you're not taking big enough risks to gather critics and naysayers, then you're doing something wrong. And if you're not creating something that anybody thinks is a folly, then you're just going through the motions. No great art comes without taking a leap of faith in yourself and the very reward that you wholeheartedly believe is on the other side of those risks. 

I hope that you all enjoy the words on these pages and respond with the fervor that we share together for all-things Disney. This is an ever-evolving project so I welcome feedback and, in the spirit of community, would welcome submissions by those who share a similar voice!